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Hi, we're the Matagora team.


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We're here to make it as easy as possible for you to go from URL to IRL. We're creating a community of emerging brands, forward thinking brick-and-mortar partners, and a destination where brands can come together to inspire one another. Online brands are popping up everywhere as the barrier to entry is now virtually non-existent. This is awesome.

The problem is - standing out purely online is now practically impossible - unless you have an infinite digital marketing budget.

By combining forces and resources, we’re empowering brands to bring customer experience to life and allowing them to curate their compelling brands stories in a impactful way.

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Our spaces are priced to fit your budget. No hidden fees, ever. We're always available.

We Care

We always focus to positively impact our communities and partners alike.

For Local

The future is definitely local, we intend on being a viable contributor to this future.

Our Vision

Going offline is as easy as launching an online store. Our platform brings together brick-and-mortar spaces to help brands launch stores in the most sought after neighbourhoods. And, consumers get to discover new mission-driven brands.

Our Mission

To connect online brands with brick-and-mortar spaces to help them strive in an omni-channel world.

We're here to bring your brand to life!

We're passionate about democratizing retail, we believe the future is local.
We exist to help you strive in the online-to-offline commerce world.